Farmers are one of the hard-working but vulnerable groups in our society. Especially those local farmers who have less access to the market for various reasons. In many cases, the farmers sell their products to brokers at very low prices. Keshmoon is one of the companies that has come to the aid of farmers. At first glance, as we could say as we have no activity in this area we are not in charge of it. But a closer look reveals that all businesses have a responsibility to support the vulnerable.

We explored several options for gifts for our guests at the International Exhibition of the Electrical Industry. Our main factors in choosing an organizational gift in Energy Company are the things that we always adhere to: domestic production, creativity and supportive aspect. Keshmoon Company was one of the best options among the options considered.

If you want to be familiar with Keshmoon, you can read the following text from their site:

What is Keshmoon?

Keshmoon does not plant saffron or any other agricultural product. It does not buy agricultural products from farmers to sell to you. Rather, it first finds farmers who cultivate in natural and traditional ways, farmers who are concerned about water shortages and are willing to change their old farming methods, and then, secondly, bring these farmers into the online world.
This way you can get acquainted with them and buy from them. they monitor the cultivation and preparation of the product to make sure that the best quality saffron reaches the consumer.

Working with Keshmoon had several advantages for us:

  • Creating a positive feeling among the colleagues of Enerjan Company
  • Very good feedback from colleagues who received this gift
  • Supporting farmers with environmental concerns
  • Help build the right supply chain
  • Support a creative and useful startup
  • Strengthen the culture of supporting national production among industry partners

If you also wanted to work with Keshmoon, you can contact them through the company’s website: