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About Enerjan

Enerjan Company has been operating since the beginning of 2020, as the only official partner of the MR and is currently the official agent of the Reinhausen Group and its affiliated companies and subsidiary brands, including MR and HighVolt in Iran.

Considering the strategic vision of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) GmbH for expanding its services to Iranian customers, “Enerjan” company as a representative and official partner, providing Reinhausen Group and its subsidiaries and brands services to to all Iranian companies, including power plants, regional electric companies, power distribution companies, light and heavy factories and industries, consulting companies and any other companies involved in power and energy fields and manufacturing industries.


Facilitate relation between Iranian companies and Reinhausen Group, providing comprehensive and full services to industries, introducing the latest innovation and technologies of MR Company to the Iranian market, as well as transferring knowledge and technology to the country are the goals of Enerjan Company. All Iranian companies can contact us if they require any technical or commercial support for the products and services of Reinhausen Group and its affiliated companies including MR, MESSKO, CAPT, CEDASPE, HighVolt, RPC, and Power Quality.

Enerjan History

Enerjan Company was established in 2020 to provide products and services from Reinhausen Group to Iranian customers. The first two years of our activity, for a variety of reasons, we served as the “official consultant of the Reinhausen Group” in Iran. The Reinhausen Group selected and introduced Enerjan Company as its official representative in Iran after two years of activity.

Enerjan Company is the official representative of Reinhausen Group and its subsidiaries and brands including MR and HighVolt.

Time to Transform

As digital transmissions have promoted the development of many other industries, Enerjan Company believes that Iran’s electricity industry must follow the same trend by embracing new solutions as energy and electricity industries throughout the world.

The slogan and headline of the Enerjan company’s activities are Time to Transform. Iranian companies will be able to achieve this by using smart sensors, online monitoring systems and innovative products.

Vision, Mission, Values

As Enerjan Company, it is our vision to establish a stable, reliable, and sophisticated network in every sector of production, distribution, and operation throughout the country.

It is the mission of Enerjan Company to ensure that the Iranian electricity network is always extremely stable and secure by using reliable products. The Enerjan company solutions for fulfilling this mission include providing quality and reliable products, providing advice, maintaining Tap Changers in a principled and timely manner, and emphasizing the importance of using online monitoring products.

Our values

  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Knowledge increase and transfer
  • Quality services

Enerjan Team