MR Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of environmental and social governance products. Reinhausen Group specifically focuses on six of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), depending on its field of expertise. In addition, it has achieved a number of certifications in this area. Standards and approvals include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, KTA 1401 and others.

At Enerjan, we all care about the environment and support those who work in this field. One company in line with Enerjan’s values is Fika. this brand produces eco-friendly and natural products that are concerned with preserving the environment and preserving nature for future generations. Moreover, a point that we find valuable is the fact that many of the company’s products are produced by female-headed households. That makes this company even more important for us.

For different occasions and to buy gifts – especially for female colleagues – we refer to Fika. To make you familiar with Fika, you can read its story from their own language:
Fika Eco Friendly products are selected from the most attractive and high quality ones available. Also most of our manufacturers are selected from the small cities we visit. Through Fika products, we hope to help grow and introduce local and indigenous businesses along with preserving the environment. As the beginning, we will use small ideas to promote “travel and life” and take large steps toward saving the “environment”.

Fika don’t just sell products, we also share our values and beliefs with you. our products are based on what we have learned about living sustainably. Our goal is to share our experiences in the field of environment with you, and find people who share our values and create a beautiful world without plastic and garbage. Our products are your guests for a sustainable lifestyle. Welcome to a sustainable life with Fika.
In addition to promoting the culture of “travel and life”, Fika tries to pay attention to our mother “earth”, our beautiful “environment” and “local businesses”.

finally if you want to buy from this collection, you can also visit Fika’s website or Instagram: