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Enerjan OLTC services consultation

For reliable operation of the power transformer, the tap changer should work properly. To ensure this, service and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is necessary for each tap changer, including OILTAP or VACUTAP.
In order to make a reliable network, Enerjan Company provides full OLTC services to Iranian customers. All Iranian companies can contact Enerjan to perform the service job of their OLTCs and purchase their required small/spare parts.

Also, the after-sales service team of Enerjan Company is ready to provide professional Consultation on the MR OLTCs and services. All the regional electricity companies, power plants, industries and factories can freely use this service.

As the service of MR tap changer should be done by experts with a valid PSP certificate, MR is ready to send its technicians from all over the world to Iran, to service tap changers of Iranian companies in accordance with the latest instructions and standards. usually every year, several technicians from MR are come to Iran for maintenance and service job.
Fill the form. Then our colleagues in after sales services team will accompany you until you receive the most complete OLTC services.
MR OLTC service technician in Iran